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6-ch Strain Gauge Amplifier


Category Sub-Category Specifications / Details
Elect. Supply voltage (V) 5V from USB or IO connector (power mux, hot swap supported)
Current (mA)
CPU Reference PSoC 5LP - CY8C5888LTI-LP097
Special features Programmable analog and digital blocks
CPU/RAM/IOs 80MHz ARM Cortex-M3, 256K/64KB, 38 IOs QFN
Software / IDE PSoC Creator 4.1, C (GCC 5.4) and graphical prog.
Serial interfaces I2C 400kHz Slave, 3V3 or 5V, programmable address
USB Full-Speed (FS) 12 Mbps
Strain gauge amplifier Channels 6
Gain Fixed G=125 (can be changed with 0603 resistor)
Offset Programmable,  +V/2 ±20% 8bits, non-volatile
Filter 585Hz 2nd Order Low-Pass Filter (-3dB)
ADC Delta-sigma, 12 to 20bits ( > 1kHz per channel @ 16bits)
Supply 5V
External periph. Connectors SG: 14-pin Pico-Blade, IO: 4-pin Pico-Blade
Physical X (mm) 42
Y (mm) 29
Z (mm) 8.4mm at one end (connectors), rest is below 5.8mm
Weight 7g
PCB tech. Layers 4
Copper 1
Trace/space/via 6/6 mils, 8/20 mils
Assembly Dual-sided
Other Integration 2x M2 mounting screws
User Interface RGB LED, tactile switch



LED Patterns

When powered and under normal operation, the onboard LED will flash red and then will turn to a magenta “breathing” patterns (fade in and out slowly)


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