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In the FlexSEA nomenclature, Plan is the highest level controller. It can be a laptop/desktop computer, an embedded computer, or a microcontroller. If it's used for your high-level control algorithms or to send commands to slave boards, it's Plan.

During development we use the Plan GUI on a computer (or a tablet), or the test scripts on a computer. This allows us to quickly test a system, read sensors, calibrate controllers, etc. Some of our clients run the scripts on an embedded computer (mostly Raspberry Pi at this point) both for development and for their scientific experiments. In all those instances Plan connects to a FlexSEA device via USB or Bluetooth. Other developers use their proprietary, custom electronics as Plan and connect it via SPI to a FlexSEA-Manage.

For most of the applications we have seen the entire controller/state-machine could run on FlexSEA-Manage. The main reasons to use Plan as a high-level controller are to avoid using C, make it easier/faster to develop, re-use pre-existing work, and to easily log experimental data. At Dephy our controllers run on Manage, but we use Plan on a tablet to log data and tweak controllers.

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