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FlexSEA-Execute Overview

FlexSEA-Execute is an advanced motion controller for brushed and brushless DC motors. Wearable robotics applications require different control loops than the typical position and current controllers found on commercial drives. FlexSEA-Execute has onboard sensors (6-axis IMU, temperature, voltage, current), interfaces (strain gauge amplifier), processing power and connectivity to make it possible to close most control loops onboard. It is well suited for the series elastic actuators (SEA) commonly used in prostheses.

The FlexSEA-Execute information has not been fully ported to this Wiki. Please refer to http://flexsea.media.mit.edu/2016/05/15/flexsea-execute-how-to-use/ for the moment.

The latest hardware version is v0.2.

Brand new execute board? → Unboxing Execute

Install development tools → Setting Up PSoC

Get to know your hardware → Hardware Design Files

Write new software code → Software Development Tools

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